About Boats and Moorings

The Boats and Moorings section is responsible for the annual licensing of all private boats, commercial tour boats and moorings in Bermuda. Additional duties include small boat wreck removals, inspections of foreshore encroachments, management of small boat channels and processing applications for mooring piles and floating docks. We also help to resolve problems involving boats and moorings.

Important Things to Know About Boats and Moorings in Bermuda:
• All punts, kayaks, small sailboats, etc must be registered initally, and licenced annually if used.
• Boats that are in the water must be licenced by law- whether or not they are used.
• All boats, punts, kayaks must display the registration number on both sides of the hull- near the bow where it is visible.
• The current year's decal should be placed on the starboard side, near the bow, so that it is visible from afar.
• Safety equipment must be carried as per the Marine Board Act 1962. Click here for a list of required equipment.
• Mooring licences expire on MAY 31st every year unless renewed.
• Mooring licences are for transfer only and should not be sold.
• Transfer of licences are subject to approval by the Department of Marine and Ports.
• Mooring licences are eligible for transfer on a one mooring per (currently registered) boat basis.
• Mooring spots are not part of, or attached to, property. They are considered the "Queen's Bottom".
• Moorings may not be willed, bequeathed, or put in trust.
• A valid and legitimate mooring must be paid in full and display a current registration decal at all times.
• Expired mooring licences will be cancelled and removed after 3 months.

Bow/Stern moorings only need one decal but both buoys should be marked with the (same) mooring number in permanent marker.

If you have more than one mooring, particularly in the same area, make certain you affix the correct decal number to the correct mooring. Not doing so causes all manner of confusion when trying to settle disputes. If you are unsure then contact us for clarification.

All floating docks, swim rafts, mooring piles, and hold off moorings are required to be registered and display (so it can be seen from the water) a current decal. Moorings, floating docks, piles, rafts, etc not displaying current decals are considered illegal and may be removed.

If necessary replacement decals are available at Marine and Ports for a $25 charge.

All moorings are licenced for a specifiied boat and length. You are NOT permitted to increase the boat size on the mooring without prior permission from Marine and Ports. This practice currrently causes many problems for everyone involved. Failure to comply may result in loss of the mooring licence.