Getting a Mooring

There are 2 ways to acquire a mooring; apply for a new one or acquire an existing one. Space for new moorings is very limited, with most bays closed due to lack of space. Acquiring an existing mooring means having a current mooring licencee sign their valid license over to you to put in your name.The method for doing this is on the back of the mooring licence itself.

Note: In order to take a mooring licence you must be eligible. This means you must have a boat registered in your name and cannot have other moorings in excess of boats owned. There is a $100 transfer fee. All transfers are subject to approval by the Department of Marine and Ports.

Before issuing an initial mooring licence we inspect the site to ensure that the proposed mooring poses no hazard to navigation or to other boats moored nearby.

Mooring Application Instructions
Marine and Ports - Moorings Location Map
Closed Mooring Bays
New Mooring Application Form
Buyer Beware
Other Things to Know