Registering a New Boat

You must register when you initially purchase a previously unregistered or new boat, kayak or punt, etc. Thereafter it must be licenced annually. To issue an initial registration number we require the following:
• A completed Boat Registration Form. Please print on legal sized paper, or collect a form from the Department.
• A copy of the Bill of Sale- this must be in the name of the person wishing to register the boat.
• Customs clearance documentation indicating the boat is in Bermuda.

Initial registration is prorated based on our licensing year which is June 1st through til May 31st. Once registered you will receive registration papers indicating legal title to the vessel.

Current licensing fees are structured as follows:
Class A- boats with an engine
$40- up to 12' in length.
$4.50- per foot over 12'.

Class B- boats without engine
$10- any boat without a motor up to 16'and any boat over 16' without a motor that is propelled by oar.