Transfering a Boat

Whenever a boat is sold the new owner is legally obliged to transfer the boat into his/her name within 7 days fo the sale, even if the boat is currently licenced or out of the water and not being used. The seller should also notify the Department of the sale (send us a copy of the ownership transfer) so that we may follow up with the buyer should he/she neglect to complete the transfer.

In order to transfer a registered boat we require:
• the registration paperwork with the Transfer of Ownership section on the back completed by both the seller and the buyer.
• transfer fee- currently $40.00

Please note: to successfully transfer a boat the seller must be the current registered owner of the vessel as on record with the Department of Marine and Ports. If you are buying a boat it is worth checking on this with the Department in advance of the sale so as not to encounter any problems.

Do NOT wait until the seller has left the Island to discover he/she did not have legal title required to sell the vessel to you. There is very little we can do in this case.